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Background of database

The Cebu Declaration on Energy Security was signed at the second East Asia Summit held in January 2007, and the Japanese government announced "an initiative for energy collaboration."
This database was established as part of this initiative to support the introduction of biomass and renewable energy in East Asia. The database lists the domestic biomass-related data of Japanese research institutes, companies, and other organizations.
It is intended for use in investigations in support of requests from East Asian countries for joint research, personnel training, surveys and facility visits, etc.

Basis of data

This database is based on the questionnaires sent to biomass and renewable energy research organizations in March 2014, and the information of "Database of Biomass Research Organizations in Japan FY2008".
If you have any update information or indications about contents, please contact us.

Searchable and readable content

Content available for search and browsing

  1. Name of organization
  2. Biomass category(Woody fuel, Biogas, Bioethanol, Biodiesel, Carbonization, Others (LCA, etc.))
  3. Renewable energy category(Solar energy, Wind power, Low head hydro power, Geothermal energy, Other Renewable Energies)
  4. Region
  5. Organization type (Research institute, Local government, Private company, University, Others)
  6. Contents of acceptance (Collaborative research, Training, Visit, Site visit, Lecturer dispatch, Others)
  7. Biomass feedstock (Construction scrap materials, Sawmill residues, Thinned wood, Cultivated wood, Biogas, Rice straw, Cultivated plant, Livestock excreta, Sewage sludge, Food-processing waste, Garbage, Others)
  8. Final products(Gaseous fuel, Liquid Fuel, Solid Fuel, Others)
  9. Seeds / Needs for Industrialization

The website has been established to supply information on organizations and industries conducting research on biomass and renewable energy in East Asia.

Latest news Data was updated and a new organization also was added it on March 15, 2017.


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